Video shows Utah traffic stop ending in barrage of gunfire

Utah police have released bodycam footage of the shooting death of 25-year-old Chase Allan, an armed law student who was killed on March 1 after refusing to comply with police commands or give his information. 

Allan, who claims to be a sovereign citizen, was stopped by police for having an illegitimate license plate. ‘Sovereign citizens’ do not believe they are bound by federal or state law. 

The 25-year-old refused to give officers his license, or even give his name.  

‘I am not giving you jurisdiction. Do not detain. You are not allowed to stop me,’ he told one of the officers.

When cops eventually pulled the door of his vehicle open, they immediately saw Allan’s weapon. 

‘Gun, gun, gun, gun, gun!’ one yelled, before spraying a hail of bullets. Allan’s handgun was found on the floorboard next to the driver’s seat. Police say he was reaching for it when they opened fire. 

Allan is shown in the car, seconds before being shot dead. He had refused to step out of the vehicle, refused to give his name or identification and police thought he was reaching for his gun

Police opened the door to his vehicle and immediately spotted his weapon 

Allan was a sovereign citizen (someone who does not believe that they have to abide by federal law) and was armed

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnsen told reporters during a news conference Wednesday that officers opened fire after Allan reached downward to what they feared could be a holster or gun.

He acknowledged the footage was unclear about what happens just before the shooting because body cameras are obstructed by the car door and an officer leaning in to grab Allan. 

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